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Work that dancer’s body with Monica on vacation, at your local gym, or from your living room. Monica Flores Fitness On Demand is all you need to fit in your favorite energizing classes at home or on the go.  


Everything You Expect & More

New Vids Weekly1.png

New Videos Weekly

Boredom is never a concern with new videos posted every 7 days.

Targeted & Full Body.png

Targeted & Full-Body

Do a traditional full-body class or focus on your arms, core, glutes, or legs – the choice is yours!

Varying Vid Lengths.png

Varying Video Lengths

Full-length classes plus 10, 20, & 30 minute targeted videos to squeeze into any schedule.

Workout Anywhere.png

Workout Anywhere

Play videos on your iPhone, iPad, Roku, AirPlay, or Chromecast wherever you are! 

Beginner to Advanced.png

Beginner & Advanced

Workouts for all ages fitness levels, with advanced options as you get stronger.

Know What Need.png

Know What You Need

Monica provides an optional equipment list in each video description. You will feel the burn with or without equipment.


The Ultimate

Full-Body Workout

Lovingly designed by award-winning dancer and fitness instructor Monica Flores, this empowering fitness program builds a leaner, stronger, more graceful YOU. Monica's fitness method started with her signature class Elite Endurance Barre

Her in-person and online fitness classes now span over many formats . Rooted in dance and Pilates, Monica's classes are packed with cardio, flexibility, and strength training movements that will help you tone and lengthen every single muscle. 

On Demand Plans

With Monica Flores Fitness, you get instant access to full-length classes and targeted videos. Choose the plan that works for you and move with Monica anytime, anywhere! 

Endurance Barre is committed to fitting in even the busiest of lifestyles. Choose the plan that works for you and move with Monica anytime, anywhere!

Video Bundles.png



Stream anytime, unlimited accessto all on-demand videos

$9.99 per month or $100.00 for
1 year. Includes 7-day free trial.

Prenantal Series.png



9 videos, 3 videos for each trimester of your pregnancy

One-time fee of $19.99


3 “Just Mat” Workouts
3 Full 60 Minute Workouts

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I still have a ways to go on my fitness journey but incorporating Monica’s class a few times a week will help me get there and stay injury free along the way!

Start Your 7-Day Free Trial!

No strings attached. Discover the benefits of Monica's Method and try a week free!

Still Have Questions?

Head to our Getting Started page for details about our On Demand platform, equipment, and frequently asked questions. 


Connect With Monica

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