Endurance Barre is an upbeat dance and Pilates inspired workout program designed to fire up your heart rate and ignite your muscles. Get cardio, flexibility, and strength training in 55 minutes or less—and have FUN doing it!


Meet Monica

Award-Winning Dancer and Fitness Instructor, Founder of Endurance Barre

Monica Flores has danced around the world, alongside celebrities, and on your television screen. Now, as the founder of Endurance Barre, she designs quick, fun, challenging workouts that anyone can accomplish.


Burn fat, strengthen your heart, curb those cravings, and get happy. (Yay, endorphins!)


Prevent injury, improve your posture, and lengthen your muscles. Legs as long as a Victoria’s Secret models are just an added bonus.


Weights, bands, and bodyweight movements increase muscle tone and shape a lean figure.


Give every part of your body the attention with a focus on balance. You'll see improved agility, reaction times and overall performance.

The Endurance

Barre Experience

Cardio Barre for Beginners and Athletes Alike

With cardio, strength, flexibility, and balance, Endurance Barre joins the pure fun of dance with the alignment focus of Pilates to shake up the traditional barre method.

Endurance Barre Workouts


Cardio • Upper Body • Core • Lower Body • Stretch


30 Minutes or Less

Full-Body Workout

Full Length

45 to 60 Minutes

Full-Body Workout


Non-Impact • Slower Pace • Full-Body Workout

On Demand Plans

Endurance Barre is committed to fitting in even the busiest of lifestyles. Choose the plan that works for you and move with Monica anytime, anywhere!



Stream anytime, unlimited accessto all on-demand videos

$9.99 per month or $100.00 for
1 year. Includes 7-day free trial.



9 videos, 3 videos for each trimester of your pregnancy

One-time fee of $19.99

Monica’s class makes you feel so good! The combo of cardio, weights, and flexibility keeps you feeling strong, lean, and sweaty when you leave!

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“I strive to provide a fun workout that makes dance inspired exercise attainable to all, leaving participants feeling confident and graceful. I believe Endurance Barre is the best program for ladies of ALL fitness levels to achieve their desired physique.”


—Monica Flores, Founder of Endurance Barre