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Dancer, Actress, Barrebarian

Monica is no stranger to lights, cameras, glitz, or glamour – but more importantly, to hard work. After studying dance at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, she danced professionally with esteemed companies in Chicago and on-stage at Walt Disney World. Monica’s dedication to her craft led her to Los Angeles. Monica’s work ethic and talent didn’t stay hidden from Hollywood for long. In addition to appearing in some of your favorite TV shows (like Grey’s Anatomy!) and movies, Monica choreographed for and danced alongside celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, and Eddie Murphy. You might even recognize her from one of her all-time favorite jobs: Coca-Cola’s Fantana campaign (Dontcha Wanna?). Monica played her first daughter’s namesake, Sophia – the purple Fanta Girl – for 6 years.


In her spare time, Monica became a certified classical Romana’s Pilates instructor. She loved that Pilates had the grace and body control of dance, but also focused on healthy body alignment – something many dancers and athletes ignore after years and years of favoring a stronger side. When she and her husband settled in Dallas-Fort Worth, she combined her love of dance and Pilates and began teaching barre classes.

The Making of Monica Flores Fitness

As a mother of three, Monica struggled to juggle the demanding nature of being a working parent. It became difficult to keep up with her workouts. She quickly realized that fitness program with everything she needed – cardio and strength training with a focus on dance technique, flexibility and alignment, that she could complete in less than an hour – didn’t exist.

She knew her next big role would be designing a dynamic cardio barre workout program to empower women – Monica was determined to provide a fun, upbeat workout that could fit in even the busiest of schedules. Elite Endurance Barre was created with a promise to deliver a sustainable full-body workout in less than an hour, and a mission to be accessible to everyone. Monica helps beginners gain strength, working muscles they never knew existed. She gives advanced athletes intense training in the form of dance and Pilates, helping them improve performance in all areas. Her studio classes have expanded to now offer pilates mat, dance cardio and private training.

Monica is proud of her accomplished dance career, but most proud to teach women the powerful movement quality and philosophies of dance fitness and Pilates. She loves teaching in person but recognizes the time constraints that busy women face today – this is why it is so important to her that her workouts  can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Monica’s passion for delivering a workout that makes women feel lean, graceful, and confident creates an uplifting, fun atmosphere that our Elite Endurance Barre community cherishes.


Monica is amazing and her class is awesome because one class is never like another, you will always get an amazing full-body workout.

“I strive to provide a fun workout that makes dance inspired exercise attainable to all, leaving participants feeling confident and graceful. I believe Endurance Barre is the best program for ladies of ALL fitness levels to achieve their desired physique.”


—Monica Flores, Founder of Endurance Barre


Connect With Monica

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