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You can access Monica's workouts online using your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV anytime, anywhere. To begin, create an account with VHX and log in. You will then receive an Elite Endurance Barre access link via email.

Playlist Options

Build Your Own

You can save your favorite videos and build your own custom workout by creating a “playlist.” Start by clicking the (VHX box/arrow button here) button in the top right corner of the video (the video must be playing for the button to appear). That’s it! Now it’s added.

Monica’s Playlists

If you prefer pre-selected focused playlists, there are multiple available to choose from.

Suggested 2-Week Schedule

Not sure where to begin? We created a two-week workout schedule you can get started following along with Monica. Download the PDF here.

Subscription Guidelines and Helpful Links

  • If you have entered a code, it is good for ONE year.

  • Once your code expires your monthly payment will increase to the set monthly fee of $9.99.

  • If you select to pay the annual price of $100.00, the monthly cost is only $10.00! You can upgrade to an annual subscription here.

  • For all account setting options, click here

  • For billing support, click here

  • For questions about the VXH App (now discontinued), click here

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any dance experience prior to starting Monica's program?

Not at all! Endurance Barre is dance-inspired to achieve a long and lean physique, but through simple movements that anyone can follow.

Do I need shoes?

No shoes required! In fact, working out in bare feet is scientifically proven to increase sense of balance and improve muscle alignment.

Can I wear shoes if my feet hurt?

All videos are done with bare feet, however, you can always wear shoes if you need extra support.

What are some of the benefits of Elite Endurance Barre vs. traditional barre classes?

Endurance Barre workouts begin with a full-body cardio combination to infuse caloric burn. This combo aims to strengthen the agility and coordination we lose as we age.

We often incorporate a yoga block to increase core strength and balance.

Finally, Endurance Barre workouts move at a faster pace and incorporate small jump combinations, keeping your heart rate up throughout the entire class.

I have some minor injuries. Will I still benefit from the subscription? 

Absolutely! Because Endurance Barre uses primarily your own body weight, it is safe for most minor injuries. Modifications are always provided and equipment is completely optional. 


Can I keep doing the videos if I get pregnant?

Yes! Monica did this workout until 39 weeks pregnant with all 3 of her children. Unlike yoga, which requires your hands to be on the mat often, Endurance Barre keeps you upright for most of the class. Our Prenatal Series is perfectly designed for your growing belly, and is great to help ease your way back into shape post-pregnancy.


What are the durations of the videos?

The videos are categorized by time and body part. There are 10, 20, and 30 minute videos and full-length 55 minute classes. You can choose what fits your needs each day.


If I have questions on getting started or my progress in general can I contact Monica?

Yes, please! Monica loves hearing from subscribers! She is happy to help you get started or answer any questions you may have.

Where do I purchase the equipment used in the videos?

All Amazon purchase links are listed on the Getting Started page. Each video also contains links to purchase any equipment used in that workout.

What if I cannot order equipment at the moment or am traveling?

Equipment is always optional! There are many workouts where equipment isn’t used at all, making them perfect for travel. We’ve also created a “Weekend Away” playlist specifically for travel.

I see that I am taken to a site called VHX, what is that?

VHX is the Vimeo owned site that hosts all Endurance Barre videos. VHX also holds all subscriber information including credit card information and full name. For VHX support, visit For billing support, click here


Connect With Monica

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