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Focus on Flexibility

If your workout includes cardio and strength training, but treats flexibility only as an aside, then you’re missing an important component of overall fitness and health. Barre incorporates balance and flexibility exercises throughout your workout, rather than simply stretching for your warmup or cool down. The focus on flexibility has numerous benefits that help you maintain optimal fitness in the long-run and keep your physique looking fabulous.

Flexibility refers to the body’s ability to move its joints through a range of motion without pain. Each joint or series of joints has its own range of motion, meaning that flexibility can vary throughout different parts of your body. Scientists believe that stretching improves flexibility by training the nervous system to tolerate a greater range of motion without experiencing discomfort. For this reason, exercises that focus on flexibility are shown to reduce pain and improve feelings of wellbeing. It also means an overall improvement to your workouts, as you are able to engage in a broader range of movements, leading to better cardiovascular and muscle strengthening performance.

Integrating flexibility and balance into your workout with barre is also a great way to lower stress. Stretching your muscles helps you let go of physical tension and increases blood flow, boosting the endorphin you would get from a typical workout. Greater flexibility, combined with the core strengthening effects of a barre workout, also improves posture and bodily alignment, lowering your risk of injury.

Flexibility is one of the 5 key components of physical fitness that barre helps target. If you’re ready to improve all aspects of fitness and feel your absolute best, then you’re ready to sign up with Monica Flores Fitness. Get ready for a fun, challenging workout that will change your life.

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